If animals
could read,
this book
would be
their bible!

Book: Karma & Reincarnation in the Animal Kingdom

David Barreto, Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, Esther Hicks, Earthling Ed, C.W. Leadbeater, H. P. Blavatsky, Tyler Henry

David Barreto

"I talk about animal spirituality... not in terms of what can serve humans for their religious benefit, but to shed light on how spiritual progress can only occur once we become compassionate toward all animals."

Karma & Reincarnation in the Animal KingdomThe  Spiritual  Origin  of  Species

Where do the spirits of animals go after they die? What are their chakras and auras like? Why were animals worshipped in ancient religions? Exploring these questions, David Barreto presents a profound investigation into the spiritual evolution in the animal kingdom, from ants and cockroaches to cats, dogs, pigeons, and whales.

To start, the author examines the spiritual anatomy of animals, including their chakras, auras, and the mental, astral, and buddhic bodies of various species. Barreto also explores how, and if, animals accumulate karma, detailing the mechanisms of reincarnation among various groups, also elucidating on the evolution between minerals and plants. 

Subsequently, the book addresses the paranormal nature of some animals, explaining not symbolically, but spiritually, how these abilities occur. Furthermore, David analyzes the mysticism behind totems, archetypes, alchemical associations, and reveals the etheric correlations between animal spirits and elementals, besides exploring how animals were viewed and how the worship of animals related to gods emerged in ancient Egypt, India, and China.

At a crucial point in the book, the author also reveals the spiritual and energetic repercussions of meat consumption and details the extraphysical appearance of slaughterhouses. In this part, the book also highlights what happens to the spirits of animals when they are sacrificed in religious or lower magic rituals.

In the final chapter, David provides a detailed study of the astrological ages over the past 10,000 years and offers insights into the role of the animal kingdom in the future Age of Aquarius, revealing how animals were treated in each of the past ages and how they will be treated in the era to come.

Richard Grossinger

"Barreto is true to a mix of anthroposophical, theosophical, Hindu, Taoist, and other traditions and lores as he blends them in a journey through the interdimensional goings-on of other animals that humans blithely miss."

Richard Grossinger

Supreme Master Ching Hai

"This book joins the ranks of spiritual evolution to save countless lives, elevating the vibration of our planet, reminding humans of the sacredness of all creation. Thanks be to the gods."

Supreme Master Ching Hai

Robert Sardello

"With great strength of conviction, I am sure you will find this book stands as the most forceful, most complete, most comprehensive articulation ever written of the beauty, wonder, and importance of the worlds of insects and animals as primary balancers between Earth, the cosmos, and the occupants of Earth."

Robert Sardello

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David Barreto is a British researcher, author, and public speaker known for his books on spiritual and esoteric subjects.

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