David Barreto is a British researcher, author, and public speaker known for his books on spiritual and esoteric subjects.

Karma and Reincarnation in the Animal KingdomThe Spiritual Origin of Species

Join David Barreto on an exploration into the spiritual essence of the animal kingdom, from ants and cockroaches to cats, dogs, owls, pigeons, dolphins, and whales. His book offers a profound examination of the spiritual evolution of diverse animal species. 

Have you ever wondered about the afterlife of animals? What happens to them, and do they experience spiritual phenomena like chakras? In this book, Barreto delves into these questions and more, exploring topics such as auras, etheric fields, and the mental, astral, and buddhic bodies of animals. Drawing insights from spiritual planes, he reveals fascinating details about various animals. For example, he discusses how dogs' semi-physical auras can nourish the etheric bodies of those around them and how cats detect subtle energy shifts and perform etheric filtration while they sleep.

In exploring iconoclastic practices, Barreto examines how animals have been perceived and revered in different religions. He delves into their roles in ancient Egyptian, Indian, and Chinese spiritual practices and demystifies obscure aspects of ritual sacrifice, explaining the symbolism behind animal offerings. Additionally, his book delves into the spiritual and energetic implications of meat consumption, shedding light on the occult aspects of flesh and slaughterhouses.

This book is a must-read for those interested in spirituality, animal welfare, or the interconnectedness of all living beings. By showcasing the vital role animals play in the Age of Aquarius, Barreto aims to inspire readers to recognize animals' enduring worth and dignity, equal to the love and respect they have received for millennia.

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