David Barreto is a vegan educator, author, public speaker and researcher, known for his books on spiritual and supernatural subjects.

Karma & Reincarnation in the Animal KingdomThe Spiritual Origin of Species

Join me on a captivating exploration as we discover the intricate spiritual nature of the animal kingdom. From ants and cockroaches to cats, dogs, owls, pigeons, dolphins, and whales, I offer a profound examination of the spiritual evolution of various animal species.

Have you ever pondered the afterlife of animals? Where do they go, and what do they experience? Do they have chakras like we do? In this book, I delve into these questions and more, exploring topics such as the aura, etheric fields, and mental, astral, and buddhic bodies of animals. Drawing on insights from what is seen on the spiritual planes, I reveal fascinating details about various animals. For instance, I discuss how dogs' semi-physical auras can nourish the etheric bodies of those around them and how cats have the ability to detect subtle energy shifts and conduct etheric filtration while they sleep.

In my exploration of iconoclastic practices, I examine the various ways in which animals have been perceived and revered in different religions. I delve into how they were utilized in ancient Egyptian, Indian, and Chinese spiritual practices, as well as the obscure aspects of ritual sacrifice, explaining why animals were given and whether a deity was actually receiving such offerings. Additionally, this book delves into the spiritual and energetic implications of meat consumption, thus highlighting the occult aspects of flesh and slaughterhouses.

Overall, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in spirituality, animal welfare, or the interconnectedness of all living beings. By showcasing the vital role animals play in the Age of Aquarius, I endeavour to inspire readers to see animals with lasting worth and dignity, equal to the love and respect they have been transmitting for millennia.


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