David Barreto
"I talk about animal spirituality... not in terms of what can serve humans for their religious benefit, but to shed light on how spiritual progress can only occur once we become compassionate toward all animals."

Author, researcher, learner

David Barreto is a researcher and author in the field of esoteric schools, particularly focusing on themes related to religious and universalist literature. As an advocate for animal rights, David has dedicated years to researching their spiritual nature.

David's interest in animal spirituality began in his early teens when he embraced veganism, a principle that deeply resonated with his ideas regarding morals, compassion, and a sense of equality. As a hobby, he immersed himself in studying occultism, nutrition, and animal behaviour, which eventually became his professional focus. Today, his work encompasses various activities supporting the animal cause, including animal rescues, writing papers on the subject, and delivering lectures.

With a comprehensive background in esoteric studies, David has developed a unique perspective on subjects ranging from astral travel and near-death experiences to meditation and mediumistic channelling. He has delved into ancient religions, modern psychic comprehension, and, more importantly, the spiritual nature of animals. This perspective, coupled with academic courses, has enabled him to bridge spirituality and scientific inquiry. He pursued complementary courses in astrophysics and religious literacy, earning certifications from the Australian National University and Harvard University, respectively.

In 2019, Barreto published his first book, Supernatural Science: Theory and Magic, which delves into the science behind mediumship and psychic phenomena, oracles, ghosts, and witchcraft rituals. 

In 2021, he released his second book, which was republished in 2023 by Inner Traditions as Karma & Reincarnation in the Animal Kingdom: The Spiritual Origin of Species, a captivating study on how animal spirits evolve, the processes of their reincarnation, and the spiritual repercussions of eating meat.

The compensation and royalties received from Barreto's books and other sources are donated to animal shelters, sanctuaries, and charitable organizations. This reflects his personal commitment to contributing to the animal cause rather than making a profit from it. Through his work, David aims to bring spirituality down to earth and illuminate the often-overlooked importance of animal spirituality within esoteric literature and spiritualist circles.