Karma and Reincarnation in the 

Animal Kingdom

The Spiritual Origin of Species

By (Author) David Barreto

Foreword by Robert Sardello

     Where do the spirits of animals go after they die? Do animals have chakras or auras? Why were animals worshipped in ancient religions? Exploring these questions and more, David Barreto presents a deep investigation into the spiritual evolution of the animal kingdom, from ants and cockroaches to cats, dogs, owls, pigeons, dolphins, and whales. He examines the spiritual anatomy of animals, including their aura, etheric fields, chakras, and mental, astral, and buddhic bodies. Detailing how reincarnation works among various species, Barreto explores their experiences between physical lives, how they accrue karma, and how the way that animals die can have different effects on their spiritual bodies in the astral realms. Drawing on both modern physics and metaphysics, he reveals, for example, how dogs can love unconditionally because of their large electromagnetic field, which nourishes the etheric bodies of those around them, and how cats can detect subtle energy shifts and disharmonies and conduct etheric filtration while they sleep. 

      Examining esoteric schools as well as ancient spiritual traditions around the world, the author explores how animals are viewed and worshipped in different religions and how animal adoration and animal-connected gods arose in ancient Egypt, India, and China. He looks at animal totems, animal archetypes, animals in alchemy, and the astral connections between animals and elementals. The author also examines the spiritual and energetic repercussions of meat consumption and animal sacrifice, revealing the astral and etheric components of slaughterhouses. 

      Detailing the role of the animal kingdom in the Age of Aquarius, the author shows how, with the awakening of this new astrological era, animals will have their earthly lives elevated with lasting worth and dignity, equal to the love and respect they have been transmitting for millennia. 

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The Supernatural Science

Theory and Magic

By (Author) David Barreto

     This book serves as a gift for those who yearn for the literary style of the early days of spiritualism and theosophy. In Supernatural Science - Theory and Magic, the author, David Barreto, delves beyond basic concepts to explore deeply intriguing issues such as the physical, spiritual, and divine differences of God, the true nature of angels, planetary christs, and spiritual guides, as well as the existence of nature spirits and ghosts.

  Barreto's lucid and pragmatic approach goes beyond religious beliefs to provide a comprehensive analysis of mediumship and the mechanisms that make mediumistic channeling possible. He also addresses the differences in the astral bodies of those who are mediums versus those who are paranormal, as well as those who are neither. Additionally, the author offers a centered explanation that helps distinguish brain dreams from astral dreams.

  In one of the most profound sections of the book, Barreto exposes the movements in the astral plane related to witchcraft spells and spiritual pacts, describing how each physical element used in magic has a unique etheric purpose. He also explains what spirits do with the offerings they receive, both in macabre rituals and in gratitude to some entity. The book further clarifies who listens and decides how to help when someone makes a prayer

  The book's scientific perspective, based on experience and research, is particularly noteworthy in its treatment of esoteric studies. The author demystifies various objects and tools, such as talismans and oracles, revealing the science behind their workings. For instance, Barreto shows how a reading with tarot cards can scan a person's aura and thoughts. He also elucidates the occult movements of oujia boards, and other spooky home games.

  In sum, "Supernatural Science - Theory and Magic" is a unique and provocative work that provides an engaging exploration of spirituality and the supernatural. Readers can expect a rich and enlightening experience that is sure to leave an indelible mark on their minds.